Welcome to the Waverley Foot Clinic

Waverley Foot Clinic's Chiropody & Podiatry services are of the highest clinical standards. Well established, individualised and personal treatment is behind all the Waverley Foot Clinic's care.


Waverley Foot Clinic offers a complete range of Chiropody & Podiatry treatments for the foot and lower limb. All the Chiropodists and Podiatrists hold BSc (hons) degrees in Podiatry and practice the very latest professional skills. Every patient receives a full examination followed by an explanation relating to their clinical needs. We always endeavour to provide totally individualised care to ensure the 100% satisfaction of all our patients. All conditions relating to the foot and lower limb are treated. From simply cutting toe nails and removing hard skin to the latest minimally invasive nail surgery are carried out in a professional and friendly environment.

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Waverley Foot Clinic has a long heritage of over 30 years in the centre of Farnham. The clinic was first established on West Street before moving to our current premises on East Street eleven years ago. During this time Waverley Foot Clinic has been managed by just three owners. The clinic was opened by Mr Green followed by Carol Taylor and finally Jonathan Kirk who took over on Carol’s retirement.

Hygene & Clendliness

Waverley Foot Clinic takes all aspects of hygiene and cleanliness very seriously. We guarantee the clinic is maintained to the highest standards of clinical hygiene. The clinic uses guidelines published by the Infection Prevention Society to model our standards.

Please visit the Infection Prevention Society website for further information